Leo's Twitter Updates for 2007-11-19

  • Abby has announced she no longer wants sandwiches in her school lunch. They're "boring." Perhaps a shrimp and escarole frittata instead? #
  • Is it me or is there no link to the widget engine download at http://widgets.yahoo.com ? Yahoo has ruined this product. #
  • Maybe it's me, maybe it's a Mac thing? I still don't see where to download the Yahoo Widget engine. "Get It" doesn't. http://urltea.com/24fk #
  • Dang dog chewed up my Eee PC charger. Where am I going to get another one of those? #
  • Kindle is what happens when a company designs a product to fit its business model instead of its customers needs. #
  • @CaliLewis I've been using a Quickcam for Ustream but a DV cam would be better. #