Leo's Twitter Updates for 2007-11-13

  • Just back from dinner with AMD's Hector Ruiz, John Markoff and other luminaries. Stunned to learn AMD CAO Tom McCoy is "in the TWiT Army!" #
  • The Asusu EEE PC is a perfect portable Twitter machine. I'm going to have to redesign all my sites for 800x600. #
  • @uberalex The EEE is perfectly responsive. And the keyboard is usable with a little practice. The screen is small - but overall I like it! #
  • Drove into SF from Petaluma to tape MacBreak and MacBreak Dev. The Marin commute is worse than ever. Good for podcasting, bad for my BP. #
  • @barron blood pressure! #
  • @maclover I got the Asus EEE yesterday. It's pretty sweet. I'll do a review soon. Meanwhile check out Wil's. http://urltea.com/2382 #
  • Handy TV tip: don't wear green shirts to green screen shoots. Had to buy three shirts at Tommy Bahama. Had to. Honest. #