Leo Up Late

I'm trying to contain my excitement, but I'm getting to pilot a new show tonight. We'll tape Leo Up Late (only the working title) tonight after The Screen Savers at about 9:30p Eastern. It won't be on the air, but you can still help out. It's going to be an hour and it will be much more like the old Screen Savers: all calls. Well mostly calls. We will have one guest, Steve Gibson, but he'll be there to answer calls with me, and that's only for a couple of segments. Morgan and Kevin will be on the show too, monitoring the calls and chat room, and they'll both pitch in a segment each on something they're really interested in. Morgan's going to show me a new phone. Kevin has some cool new Winamp visualizations. But the focus will really be on answering questions, and in a more leisurely manner, so I can be more thorough. I don't expect to get more than six calls on in the hour. I'll also answer some emails and faxes, too, though. It's going to be much less produced than TSS. I'm thinking of something like a call-in radio show, but on TV.

There's some discussion about what level the questions should be, but I think that ultimately they'll cover the spectrum from intermediate to advanced. We'll pick calls that are of the broadest general interest, regardless of how high-end they are. We have some callers lined up already, and I'm not sure how many more we'll need, but if you'd like to help out, call during and after The Screen Savers tonight and let Morgan know you're interested in being on the pilot.

I'm not getting my hopes up. I did a pilot a couple of months ago for a very high-end show featuring the leading lights of tech (Linus Torvalds, Larry Wall, Phil Zimmerman, Steve Wozniak, etc.) talking in-depth about their creations, but that was nixed as "too boring." Pilots these days have to get past the ownership in Seattle as well as local management, and that's pretty tough. Marty just completed his pilot for a late night tech humor show that's more outrageous and fun, and I expect that will get the green light because it's "entertainment," and that's the buzzword these days.

I pray that The Powers That Be realize that TechTV needs to air at least one show a week that focuses directly on stuffs geeks want to talk about. They have to realize that we find the hardcore tech stuff most "entertaining." I'm going to give it my best shot and we'll see what happens.

P.S. Actually we need email and faxes, too. Phone: 1-888-989-7879 Email: leo@techtv.com Fax: 415 437-569

And we'll be monitoring the chat room, as well, for people who want to be in there. The only problem is you won't really know what's going on on the show, but your questions and comments are more than welcome and may well be used on the pilot.