Leo The Explorer

Leo wears the new SeV ExplorerI just got the Explorer Jacket from Scott E-Vest. It's my new favorite - and I have pretty much everything Scott does. It's a 3/4 length jacket in a very suede-like microfiber with a lightweight quilted lining and more pockets than ever. And it just looks and feels so good. Thanks, Scott! We don't have a TWiT version of this jacket, but we do have SeV TWiT hoodies, fleeces, and hats. You can get them from the great folks at ThinkGeek. Profits from the TWiT SeV merchandise help support the show, and you'll feel good announcing that you're a TWiT to the world! And don't forget to use the TWIT coupon code when you order anything from SeV for 20% off!

We now return you to Bioshock, already in progress.