Kung Log and GAG

I found a nice little application that lets me update the blog directly from Mac OS X. (Actually I didn't exactly find it - it turned up, as so many great OS X apps do, on VersionTracker.com.) Kung-Log 1.2 is an open source shareware program that is much easier to use than the native Movable Type forms. It adds OS X spell checking (no more Oaklahoma for me) and built-in and configurable HTML templates. I know Live Journal and Blogger have similar applications. I'm really happy to see this one for Movable Type. Maybe I'll even blog more now. (Postscript: Ben and Mena list several other Windows clients that do the same thing for Movable Type, including w.bloggar for Windows and Slug. I'll give you a report as soon as I've tried them.)

Speaking of nice software, I've just started using an excellent free boot manager called GAG. I'd been playing with FreeBSD and was unhappy with Boot Easy, the default FreeBSD boot manager. I could have installed Lilo or Grub ports, but GAG is easier to use and works with everything. You install it from floppy so it's completely operating system independent. I've taken to carrying a GAG disk around with me, upgrading the boot managers on other multi-boot systems.