Keynote Chat is Up

Rick has posted the transcript from our chat room MacWorld Keynote Coverage over at MacMerc. At one point 1,000 people were in the chat room. Digital Bill Douthett and I were covering Steve's talk at the show, Rick, Nitrozac and Snaggy were adding color from home. What a blast! We got such a great response to the mini-Screen Savers reunion that I'm trying to figure out a way we can do it on a regular basis, maybe even with video. In the first three days, nearly ten thousand people have downloaded the audio. It seems to me this is what podcasting was made for.

Incidentally the feedburner stats to the left reflect the daily downloads, which means that there are 60-70,000 podcasts being downloaded each month in both categories. It's hard to calculate exactly how many subscribers that equals, but currently around 30,000 people download each radio show. It's probably somewhat higher for the TLR feed. Thanks so much for your interest and support. It's clear that podcasting has become a totally viable broadcast medium and I expect to do much more with it in 2005.