Just the Stats

Interesting results from last month regarding browser usage. Internet Explorer is down to 55%. Mozilla/Firefox and Safari users are nearing 40% of the total. Hmmmm. This is for the leoville.com sites (including this blog) only. Browser use on Leoville

The good news is that bandwidth usage calmed down a bit. Leoville.tv had 50,000 unique visitors in October; they downloaded 727GB. Podcasters did 93GB. On Leoville.com it was much calmer. 85,000 uniques consumed 45GB of bandwidth (that's because I put most of the big files like MP3s on leoville.tv). The message boards had 62,000 uniques who consumed 73GB. So we didn't quite hit the terabyte I was expecting. Just 950GB on all the leoville sites combined. Thanks for your support. It's really nice to know there's a demand for the stuff I stick here!