Internet Everywhere

Can I say it again? I LOVE WiFi. My daughter has been cast in a community theater production of Peter Pan. She will play two roles: Jane, Wendy Darling's daughter, whom Peter spirits off at the end of the play, and a Lost Boy

Unfortunately, the theater -- and the twice weekly rehearsals -- are in San Anselmo, about midway between San Francisco and our home in Sonoma county. Abby is ecstatic about doing it, and Jennifer and I are both thwarted actors, so we couldn't very well say no, even though it involves a lot of extra driving. We've arranged it that Jennifer will drive Abby down and drop her off. Then I'll pick her up on my way home from work. But she has to rehearse until 9p. I'm pretty good at killing time, but it does mean a couple of extra hours with nothing to do. That's where the WiFi comes in.

I brought my iBook to the first rehearsal this evening, and, out of habit, I checked for an open Airport network in the rehearsal building. Lo and behold, there was one! I'm using it now. I have no idea whose it is, and I suppose I should try and find out, but it's awfully nice to have high-speed Internet access while I wait.

I and many others have a dream of free WiFi access everywhere. And, oddly enough, it's more common than I would have ever thought. I've been able to use my Airport equipped iBook in all sorts of unexpected places. The San Francisco Bay Area Wireless Users Group maintains a list of OpenNAPs, freely shared WiFi access points, all over the area. If you've never experienced the joy of unexpected, unconnected Internet access, I can highly recommend it.