I'm Flying!

I'm flying tomorrow for the first time since 9/11. It's a little nerve wracking, I admit. The effects of the attacks are so widespread and long lasting, even among people who weren't directly affected. I hold my breath every day when I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess we're all suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. It's a 7am flight to Seattle for our appearance at EMP on Saturday. I'll have to get up at 3am to get to the airport in time to get through security. Ugh. But I guess it's worth it. I'll be flying a lot in the next three months. I'm tentatively booked to do Regis in NYC October 25, then an appearance in VA November 3/4. I'm MCing a cable dinner in Raleigh, NC November 25, then flying to St Louis for a December 15 appearance. Pant pant! That's almost 30,000 air miles. Yikes!

I'm not all that nervous about it, but I might be when I get there. I'm actually looking forward to going to New York in a week. I was born there and have always loved the City. I feel a need to go pay my respects.