I Was This Close

I came so close to unlocking my iPhone this morning, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Shooby's unlocked iPhone screenShooby has unlocked his using iUnlock - the free unlocker from Harro Inc. the iPhone Dev Team. That's a picture from his phone showing T-Mobile as a carrier - he posted the news on Pownce.

I got as far as running iFuntastic on the phone (Windows users should try the scarily named, iBrickr) but it didn't quite finish completely, and I just don't have the nerve to run iUnlock on it now.

It would be great to cancel this AT&T account (instead of cancelling my dormant T-Mobile account), but it would be even better to show an unlocked phone to the perennially skeptical Scott Bourne.

Maybe I'll get up the nerve later today.