His Old House

My new digital camera finally came last night. Can you believe this is my first? I've resisted buying one all this time because I like film. (Plus I've been able to borrow cameras from the Products department whenever I've wanted.) I tried the Olympus C3030 last year and fell in love with the quality of its optics and comfortable form factor - it's just like a small SLR. Olympus has updated the camera this year to the C3040, and when I saw it at DBuys for under $600 I just couldn't resist.

So far, I'm still impressed. It's a very nice camera. Easy to use and it takes terrific pictures. It's not as small as the Canon Powershot S300 I originally wanted, but it's much more flexible and the size and form factor are really better for photography anyway.

The following pictures were shot as uncompressed 1024x768 TIFs (to see how well the camera could do at its best quality - I'd usually shoot in HQ mode, 2048x1536 JPEGS). I compressed the originals into 80% quality JPEGs but if you don't mind a 3.8 MB download you can download the original TIFFs.

Home sweet homeFrom the cherry tree

Now who wouldn't want to buy this house?