Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I've never seen anything like that. We were going along doing the show. Patrick was interviewing Jordan about Napster. I was standing over by the refrigerator waiting to answer a question and the whole studio just went pitch black. The weirdest thing was the jib camera. This is a normal camera perched on a 10 foot boom. When the power went out the camera at the end of the boom lost control and gracefully aimed itself at the ground. It was spooky. In theory there are massive batteries that are supposed to take over instantly and keep us afloat until the generators kick in. At least, I thought that was supposed to happen. Master control stayed up. As did some parts of the building. But we didn't. And when we came back, only the low power kinoflo lights came on. Most of our other lighting remained off. The generators aren't big enough to power everything. Makes you wonder what would happen if the power went off for a long time.

If you were watching the live broadcast you saw us flicker, disappear, then reappear after some commercials. We won't re-air that show, though. So everyone else will see a normal repeat of an earlier episode. Kind of a shame - I always find it interesting when things like that happen. That's why I love live TV!