Friday's Découpage

I'm sorry that I never got around to doing news on Friday, since TSS was dark. I hope you can live a day without it. We did have a wonderful time Thursday night at the Barnes & Noble in Emeryville. About 50 people showed up - which B&N considered a very nice turnout. I confess I've been spoiled by the bigger events in other places (800 in St Louis, 500 in Baltimore, etc.). It just goes to show how little known TechTV is in our own hometown.

It was a pleasant change, however, to be able to take time with everyone. Becky talked about her book, Security Alert, and did a short reading from it. I gassed on about the future of computing, and then Becky, Megan, and I took questions from the audience. I hope I can do more signings like this - it's great fun.

My mom is flying in from Providence on Sunday, so I'll be taking Thanksgiving week off to be with her (and work on my new book, and finish the Dial-A-Song machine for They Might Be Giants). My birthday is Saturday, and I'm hoping she'll make my traditional birthday dinner: home-made ravioli. Haven't had that in ages. Then I'm off to New York for my regular segments on World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly. Both should air December 2.