Friday Freeway

A few more stories to round out the week. Today is Trinity. The first atomic bomb was successfully exploded in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on this day in 1945. Apollo 11 lifted off from the Earth on its way to the moon in 1969.

  1. Google has bought Picasa and is giving the application away now. Picasa is essentially iPhoto for Windows, and one of my all time favorite apps. Picasa's photo sharing program, Hello, is still free. Hello has hooks to another Google acquisition, Blogger.

  2. Good news, the US Government is rethinking CAPPS II. The program to screen airline passengers using information like credit reports was supposed to begin this summer, but the Transportation Security Administration has halted the program citing privacy and technical concerns. The TSA, which spent $120 million on the project, will now focus on a registered traveler program for frequent fliers - essentially a voluntary CAPPS II.
  3. Apple is reporting a more than 300% jump in net income for this quarter, thanks to booming iPod sales and strong performance from the Apple Stores. Mac sales are also up. Apple also confirmed that the G5 iMac will ship in September. According to ThinkSecret, that's when the new, smaller, more colorful iPods will arrive, too.