Four Feeds - No Waiting

imageOK I've set up BitTorrent feeds for both ROTSS shows in four, count 'em, four formats. As usual, please keep your BitTorrent client running even after the download is done to help others get the files. (These are the official BT feeds for now - please redirect your client from the old feed.) As always, these files are Creative Commons Share-Alike licensed so you may redistribute them in any fashion for non-commercial purposes.

MP3 64KBPS Direct links RSS Feed
MP3 32KBPS Direct links RSS Feed
Bookmarkable AAC (for iPods) Direct links RSS Feed
Ogg Vorbis Direct links RSS Feed

If anyone with BitTorrent tracker experience would like to help me set up a better system (I'd like to run my own tracker and automatically seed it from four different servers I run) please email me! I'd like to do this every week but it's a bit much to have to seed these files by hand from home each time.