February Stats are In

Some stats from February... I've been using a superb anti-spam service called MailRoute. I route all leoville.com traffic through it, and thank goodness I do. My spam mail has tripled since I last checked stats in October.

In February I received more than three-quarters of a million email messages at leoville.com:

          718,597 spam messages
            1,039 viruses
           20,504 good messages
           39,114 bad or invalid headers
          779,254 total messages in Feb

In other words, only 2.64% of my email was good. Actually it's somewhat less than that since my local spam filter rejects about a third of the mail that gets through MailRoute (MailRoute avoids false positives by being fairly conservative). The good news is that over 26,000 spam messages and 40 viruses are filtered out of my inbox every day. If I had to look at all of those I'd stop using email entirely.

I probably get more spam than almost anyone else because my address is widely known and I've had it since 1996. I'd bet it's on every spam mailing list in existence. Weirder still is the number of messages that come to random addresses at leoville. Only about 10% are addressed to leo. I got 2,329 messages addressed to leos_hair (obviously some "fan" having some fun at my expense). I also received more than 1,000 messages each to noway, nonono, alexander, bowden, coker, beltran, abernathy, and brewster at leoville.com. Hunh? I guess once spammers find a good domain they spew messages to random addresses at that domain. Of the viruses filtered out 70% were actually phishing messages. I get more than 25 phishing emails a day.

At this rate I should be receiving more than a million spam messages a month before summer.

The web stats are much more encouraging. February was a strong month, although as the graphs show, traffic went down for the first time since I moved the sites to Vizaweb.

Leoville.tv (the radio show and the podcasts)

Life of Leo image

89,342 unique visitors, 1,523, 018 pages loaded, and 125.69 GB of bandwidth. (That's 10% of the bandwidth used in January thanks to Coral.)

Internet Explorer usage is down again to 40%. Firefox is at 34%.

Leoville.com (the blog and main site)

Life of Leo image

80,639 unique visitors, 1,825,346 page view, and 41.23 GB of bandwidth used.

IE 41%, Firefox 37.1%, Safari 6.9%. 82% were Windows users, 11% Macintosh. 2% Linux.

Leovilletownsquare.com (the message boards)

Life of Leo image

42,690 uniques, 720,755 page loads, 140.23 GB bandwidth.

All three domains suffered drops in traffic from January. The graphs are from the Urchin web stats package. The number reflects monthly user sessions. A "session" is defined as a series of clicks on a site by an individual visitor during a specific period of time. Unique visitors dropped commensurately.

Thanks for the clicks!