Fat Free Friday

Happy Arbor DayEnding the week with a bang not a whimper. Tonight is the TechTV farewell party. Watch my moblog for incriminating photos. The New York World's Fair opened in 1939 previewing new technology like FM radio, robotics, fluorescent lighting, the fax machine, and the first public demonstration of TV. The ice cream cone is 90. Grandpa Munster, Al Lewis, is 94. It's Arbor Day. Plant a tree today.

  1. The US Senate voted 93-3 last night to extend the Internet tax moratorium for another four years. The Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act now goes to committee to resolve differences with the House.

  2. Shares in Google will be sold via an online Dutch auction to give everyone a chance to own a piece of the action. The IPO, expected next month, may raise as much as $6 billion for the Internet search company. A web site will open soon for bidders to register. You will have to fulfill certain as yet unknown requirements, most likely a cash deposit to cover your bid. Google will use early bidding to set a price for its stock.
  3. Comcast has agreed to drop its bid for Disney. That means they'll be able to pour all those billions into the new G4/TechTV. Comcast is expected to complete the acquisition of TechTV May 10.
  4. Next time you go to a rock concert you may come home with a thumb drive filled with that night's music. Next month eMusic Live will install digital kiosks into Maxwell's, a small club in Hoboken. For $10 for the recording plus $20 for a reusable thumb drive you can go home with the music from the show you just saw, recorded directly from the club's sound board.

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