DSL Hell

A quick note... Yes, I'm still alive. I survived a week without electricity up in the mountains. No phones, no computers, no TV. It was heaven. But now I'm back on earth and in DSL hell.

True to form, the Pac Bell installer missed his appointment yesterday. If other people's experience is any indication, I only have two more missed appointments to suffer through before my non-working line is installed. Then it's just eight calls to support and I should be online. Sometime in the Fall. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the book - it's supposed to be finished by Wednesday. Uh oh. I'll be doing my first radio show since starting at TechTV this Sunday on KGO, 810 AM in San Francisco. It's the big AM talk station where I used to do a computer talk show. I'll be on from 10a-1p talking tech.

I'm also going to do the Weekend Today show on Saturday, August 25. I'll be talking about using the Internet to find long lost friends. If all goes well this may turn into a monthly gig.