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Someone suggested that with his new look, Marty should join a boy band. As some of you remember, we created a boy band for the old Call for Help (I'm calling it Call for Help Classic). We aired their video once and managment informed us it was never to air again. Maybe if you listen to the MP3 of the song you'll understand why! Speaking of one shot appearances, Monday's show aired only once. In a weird combination of errors, neither the master nor the backup tape of the show was mode. So we had nothing to re-air. We decided that the Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz benchmarks were important enough that we repeated the segment last night.

Bottom line: with current software the 1.7 is no faster than the 1.4 Ghz P4 and the current AMD Athlon 1.3 smokes 'em both. That may change when P4 optimized software comes out, but we don't recommend a P4 at this time. Especially since it requires the dead-end RAMBUS memory.

When P4s work with standard DDR-RAM and P4 optimized software starts appearing, then it might be a good choice. But that's at least six months off.