Difficulties Getting ROTSS

I apologize if your podcast client is having difficulty getting ROTSS. We totally overwhelmed the Coral mirrors and Coral isn't failing gracefully. I don't think they've ever seen demand quite like this. The direct link does work however: http://leoville-downloads.com/tlr/TLR20050424.mp3 - as does the Vorbis link: http://leoville.tv/tlr/ROTSS002.ogg.

Your podcast client will get the file as soon as the flood of requests dies down. I will move the feed from Coral to bittorrent later today and for all future releases.

For those who are confused about which podcast feed to subscribe to, ROTSS is on TLR http://leoville.tv/podcasts/tlr for now. Once we get a name I'll set up dedicated feeds. There will be four feeds, high and low quality MP3, Vorbis, and bookmarkable AAC for ipod users. I'll give you those URLs as soon as we settle on a new name for the show.

Thanks for your patience.