Dial-A-Song Beta Test

I know it seems like this project has been going on for years, and it very nearly has. Whenever I say "They Might Be Giants" to my wife she shudders. But the Dial-A-Song project is almost done. I finally have it running on the actual hardware. There were some reliability issues but after a processor swap the box seems to be running well. Now I'd like to give it some exercise. Dial (707) 762-8642 to give Dial-A-Song West a try. (This is a toll call - you will be charged for long distance.) The song changes every 10 minutes right now - eventually it will be hourly. Only one person can call in at once, so if you get a busy signal try again in a few minutes.

Incidentally, this is a spare line I use for the radio show call screening software, so once we ship the Dial-A-Song box to John and John it will stop answering the phone. If you don't get an answer either the box is offline for maintenance or the beta test is over. I expect we'll be testing it through 2/15 though.

The phone should ring twice, pick up and play a TMBG song (a new one every 10 minutes) then a short announcement from John followed by a couple of tones and a hang up. If anything other than that happens, please report it in the comments here. Thanks for your help!

[UPDATE: Something's wrong with the system right now - it thinks it's picking up the phone, but it's not. I'll try to fix it tonight.]