I'm back from Vancouver - another 15 episodes of The Lab under my growing belt. We had a good week. The team works really hard. Props to Kate, Matt, Sean, Ryan and the whole Greedy crew. Things have been a little slow here because I'm busy "crockpotting" my keynote at BlogWorld. That's the term Scott Schwertly uses in his manifesto on making great presentations at - that's a great site for inspiring articles, by the way. Scott says:

A winning presentation must be well thought, brewed on, and dreamed on. It takes time. It takes research. It takes patience. You can’t build a memorable presentation in an instant. Therefore, it can’t be prepared in a microwave. A great presentation must be built in a crockpot.

I don't give many talks these days. It's not that public speaking scares me so much; you know I am happiest with a big audience. It's that I feel like I should have something important to say and I never do. Coming up with an original idea is hard.

8e69b340dca0fb9be64d5010._AA240_.L.jpgThis time I'm mixing in ingredients from Albert-Laszlo Barabasi's Linked on how networks form, Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point on the role of connectors, and even Andy Warhol's Party Book on how to throw a great party (thanks to Dane for that connection!).

My basic premise is that media is about to undergo a phase change, and that as new media publishers we have to rethink what we're doing. It's the end of the line for the broadcast model. We're entering a new paradigm where conversations replace monologue and where audience becomes community.

We'll see how well cooked my ideas are Friday, November 9, at 8:45a at BlogWorld Expo. Following that I'm on a 10:15a panel on "The Cult of Blogging" with Mike Arrington and Om Malik. BlogWorld looks to be a lot of fun - Mark Cuban is doing the closing keynote. If you're on the fence about going, hop off and we'll see you in Vegas!

(If you run into Dane or me at the Expo ask for one of the new TWiT die-cut decals. I've got 500 to give away.)