Abby and I had a great time in Chicago. Weather was overcast and chilly at times, but very nice for the Cubs game. We sat out in the sun in left field of Wrigley. What a park. You feel like you're watching a game in the 1930s. Everything baseball should be and no dot racing! Trevor Rieger tells me that Google is now indexing the blog. Yikes. That means all my deepest darkest secrets are now searchable. Uh oh.

I'm moderating a breakfast panel tomorrow at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF). What a wonderful event. The exhibits are open to the public Thursday and Friday if you're in the San Jose, CA area. The panel is on how science fiction has influenced scientist and the guest are David Stork, author of HAL's Legacy: 2001's computer as dream and reality, and Jeanne Cavelos, the author of the Science of Star Wars, and The Science of the X-Files. The winning kids and several dozen Nobel Laureates will be in attendance. I guess I'll be the token nitwit in the group!