Camera colophon

I used a Nikon Coolpix 880 to shoot those pix. As usual the Nikkor optics are very good. I shot them on Fine, 2048x1024, but at that res I only get 10 shots on the supplied 8 MB compact flash. So the next shots will be Fine/640x480 since I resize them anyway. We'll see how they look. The camera itself feels kinda cheesy. And it uses disposable lithium batteries. Ick. Either rechargable NiMH or rechargeable lithium for me. That's what the Canon I want uses.

I'm pretty sure I'll buy the Canon Powershot S300 when it's available. It does a neat in-camera stitch for panoramic photos and can take Quicktime movies, too. Plus it's very compact so I can carry it around with me. We have one in the products lab. I'll borrow it when they're through with the review to make sure it's what I want.

Gotta run and catch the van to get my car for the big repositioning. When I drive in there's no parking at the studios, so I park in the garage at Townsend and take the van to the studio. The morning shift leaves after 1p so I take the van back and get my car from the garage and repark it here at the studios for a quick getaway after the Screen Savers. What a waste of time, but parking has always been a big issue in SF. -sigh-