Call for Help Newsletter Madness

Help!First a disclaimer, I no longer work for G4/TechTV and have nothing to do with the newsletter and have no inside information, however... I am getting numerous emails from former subscribers to the Call for Help newsletter who are suddenly being flooded with email. I think what's happened is that Tom Merritt, the outgoing web producer, changed the newsletter from a daily email sent out to viewers, into a mailing list where everything that is sent to the list is broadcast out to each subscriber. Naturally this is a confusing change, and with a list this large it can generate an overwhelming amount of mail.

Do NOT send an unsubscribe message to the list - that will just be sent out to all subscribers and exacerbate the problem. Instead, follow the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the message.

[UPDATE: I have learned that this is not the MAIN Call for Help newsletter. That's no longer going out. This is a Yahoo! Groups newsletter that was created a couple of years ago when we changed newsletter providers. Fortunately all Yahoo! Groups emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.]