Hey, goats are fun! Stella and Andy arrived Monday and they've been really sweet. Stella's still on the bottle and Abby has been feeding her every day. We were warned that she's a little "vocal" (the goat not my daughter) but both have been pretty quiet. Our housekeeper, Magdalena, keeps giving us recipes for goat. She says it tastes better than pork. I don't think she understands that they're pets! Tomorrow morning I'm going in to do a roundtable on TechLive celebrating the 10th anniversary of Linux. Apparently they needed someone who still likes it. Harumph. Then I fly out to New York at 1p. I arrive at 9p. Get up at 4a (Eastern - 1a my time!), do the Today show, then immediately fly home. Not even time for an H&H bagel before I leave. I'm supposed to be on at 8:20a but these things always change. If there's any breaking news I could be bumped entirely, but that's less likely on a Saturday.

I'm going to be talking to Soledad (my buddy from The Site) about finding old friends online. Should be fun - if exhausting. I wish I could sleep on airplanes.