Bye Bye Broadband

It look like we'll have at least one offer on our house tonight. Possibly three! If all goes well we'll be moving within the month. I'm looking forward to country living but I sure am going to miss my cable modem. I know not all cable modem users are so happy, but I've had three years of high-speed bliss. Not to brag, but my connection has held fairly steady at 2-4 megabits downstream ever since @home implemented the upstream caps of 128 kbps. I'm not crazy about the caps, but it clearly was needed to stop people from eating all the bandwidth with Shoutcast servers, etc. I was able, using Download Accelerator Plus, to snag both ISO images for Mandrake 8 in less than an hour (that's 1.3 gigabytes!). Actually it was closer to half an hour, but if I said that you wouldn't believe me. That's almost 6 mbps - close to the max Ethernet can handle.

I've investigated DSL at the new place but I'm 15,000 feet from the CO. The technical limit for ADSL is 18,000 feet. And the closer you come to that, the slooooower it becomes. I'm going to have to investigate more exotic options, too. There are some high-speed wireless choices in my area, but they're expensive. The Bay Area Wireless User Group has a list of high speed wireless choices an as soon as I'm sure we're moving I'll be checking them out. Oh, well. It's useful research.