Blast and a Half

I'm back from MacMania 3.5 - the Baltic Blast - and it was aptly named. We had incredible weather for the entire trip. In point of fact, it might have been too hot in some cities. My son, Henry, and I visited Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany, made a bunch of new friends on board ship, and took a thousand pictures. I've posted some of the best on my Flickr Account. Next trip: MacMania IV to Mexico. It leaves from San Diego, February 4, 2006 and runs concurrently with Photoshop Fling III. Burt Monroy, Steve Wozniak, and a cast of incredible MacHeads are scheduled to sail. I hope you'll join us.

Now it's on to Canada to tape Call for Help, then back to the Leoville Labs in time for TWiT 14. I need a vacation from my vacation!