Bill Handel Show - 17 December 2007

Here are my last minute gadget picks for the geek in your life, as heard on the Bill Handel Show on KFI Los Angeles, Monday 17 December 2007 at 7:45a.skitched-20071217-080532.jpg

  • Hate those clamshell packages? Try the Zibra Open It, an easy to use Plastic Container Package Opener, $15
  • Palm's cheapest cell phone is also its best, the Palm Centro $100 with a two year Sprint contract
  • The most amazing tech invention of the year, a 2GB SD memory card with Wi-Fi! It's the Eye.Fi. Transfer your pictures wirelessly to your computer and Internet. $100
  • Ironkey - the USB thumbdrive that surpasses US military specs for security. $80-150 depending on capacity
  • A mouse that fits inside your laptop, the MoGo Mouse, $70
  • A laptop bag that charges your laptop while you go, the Voltaic Messenger solar bag. $230.
  • A USB, camera, and green screen for the kids for under $100, the RipRoar Creation Station.