Austin Power

I'm interviewing Linus Torvalds today at 11:30 Pacific. I'm hoping they'll let us go for at least 15 minutes. His book is mildly interesting. Not many new revelations, and very little technical material about Linux, but if you want to know about Linus's life before and after Linux it's worth reading. I won't be on the Screen Savers tonight. In my place Kate Botello will make her triumphant return, co-hosting with Patrick. I'm off doing the voiceover for a special on The Tech of Shrek, a new Dreamworks movie that comes out in a week or so. I think the special airs 5/17 in the first half-hour of The Screen Savers time slot (7p Eastern).

Then I fly to Austin tomorrow morning early to get ready for our appearance there this weekend. We'll be taping The Screen Savers On The Road on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Please come by with your computer questions so we can put you on the air! All the details are on The Screen Savers web page.