Apple Walks the iWalk

Apple OS Product Manager, Ken Bereskin, and I will be delivering a talk at this week's MacWorld Expo. It's called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mac OS X But Were Too Afraid to Ask. I didn't name it. If you're going to MacWorld in San Francisco, stop by Wednesday, 12:30-2p, Room 133 in Moscone Center. Expo hype is hotter than usual this year. Apple's website is fanning the flames with headlines like "count on being blown away" and "lust factor 10." But no one knows what they'll be announcing. Speculation ranges from the likely LCD iMac to the far-fetched iWalk, a palm like PDA with working handwriting recognition. SpyMac pulled the iWalk video yesterday, probably at Apple's request. I do expect Apple will announce some sort of consumer electronics device.

Undoubtedly Steve Jobs will make the announcement on Monday with the usual, "oh, one more thing" at the end of his keynote . I'll be there - even though I'll have to get in line pretty early for the 9am talk. I've also been invited to the a press reception afterward. I'd sure like to bring something back for Monday night's The Screen Savers.