A Taxing Day

Ahhh. A very productive Sunday. Jennifer took the kids while I wrote two columns and finished the taxes. I had done most of the Federal return some weeks ago. Enough to know we'd owe money and roughly how much. That stopped me. I had to do the rest of it this weekend to leave enough time to mail it in case the electronic filing didn't take. I used TurboTax this year - I probably should have hired a preparer, but I waited too long. I had to do it myself. The program's good. I used TaxAct last year, and had tried it this year but it totally barfed on some of the more complicated parts of my return. TurboTax got it right. I think. I'm pretty sure anyway.

I filed electronically this afternoon. It's even easier this year. Nothing at all to mail. And the Feds and the State can take their pound of flesh directly from my checking account on April 16.

We celebrated by going out for Chinese afterwards. Now Jennifer and I are ready for a stay-at-home date, watching a video of Wonder Boys. I really loved the novel by Michael Chabon, and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Hope I can keep my eyes open.