A Note On Comments

deadend.jpgThis blog has been up for four days and already Aksimet has imprisoned over 5,000 spam comments! I hope that will explain why I don't post all your comments immediately. The first time you post a comment it's held for approval, but once you have one comment approved future comments will go up immediately. It's actually a pretty cool system. One more reason to love Wordpress. Incidentally you do not have to register to comment - in fact, I'm not even sure what the point of registration is. I'd turn it off if I could figure out how.

Some people have asked me if I'll still post on Pownce and Jaiku. I'm not really sure. I think I'll probably put some things up there - TWiT alerts and so on - but my plan is to put most everything else here. I will definitely use this instead of my old Vox and Tumblr blogs. It's kinda cool to see all the old posts here going back to 2001, and I think I'd like to keep that kind of record going. (There are currently 949 posts and 19,548 comments, contained within 35 categories.)

I have been able to import all the Vox posts thanks to Blogbackuponline.com. (Cool service by the way.) It crawls all the old posts and spits them back up as RSS, which Wordpress can import. All the original videos and pictures are still hosted on Vox, though, and I can't get them back. There are also some formatting issues which you'll notice whenever there's an embedded video from Vox. But it's better than nothing. I can only get the last 20 Tumbléo posts - but that's fine, they're just ephemera anyway, not personal posts. Someday when I have some time I'd like to go back through all the old posts and clean them up - tag them and so on. Unfortunately all the really old comments are now anonymous (and you'll have to read the Vox comments on Vox) but at least they've been preserved.

Which raises an interesting question. If I embed links to photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, etc - in other words if I don't host the media here - what happens in a few years when those other services disappear? I was thinking, for example, of occasional video posts which I'd host on videoegg.com since I can't afford the bandwidth myself. But those posts won't have the longevity of plain old text posts. I guess I should stick to prose? It makes me think there will be a lot of audio and video blogs which will won't be available in 20 or 30 years.