A Little Help Here

I love the "This Day In Leoville History" plug-in. On a blog like this with nearly seven years worth of posts it's fun to go back in time. But you've probably noticed that a number of the entries are 404: file not found. They're there, it's just that they have punctuation in the title. For some reason Wordpress can see the entries, but the links don't work. For example, today you'll see "2001: I’ve been farked" - something about the apostrophe throws off the permalink. The actual page is there but I can't link to it.

Anyone have any experience with this? Got a fix? Maybe some sort of MySQL script to encode the non-text entities? Or a change to the default encoding? I'd appreciate any help you could offer. It's kinda bugging me.

UPDATE: Ben had the right idea. I was using "pretty" permalinks that had the post title in the link. I changed it to year/month/day/post_id and that fixed the problem. Thanks for all your solutions!!